Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ok - one of the most awaited days has come - the last chance lists are here!!  That's right, and if this retiring list is any indication, the next catalogue is going to be FULL TO THE BRIM of amazing new products!  WOW! And the new catalogue is 16 pages bigger!!!

Haven't been around that long?  The last chance lists are all the product in our annual catalogue that will be retired forever - it's your last chance to buy them NOW - in fact, many of the items have already sold out as of this afternoon, so if there is something you want to make sure you get, you need to get in there and shop now! (and there are a bunch of sales too!) Now, pay attention for a sec, because this year is a bit different than in past years:

The REALLY fantastic thing is that this time, all the stampsets, accessories and Decor Elements are listed and their status current on my online store, and you can browse the lists there.. and some of the retiring items are 25-50% off! only while supplies last!

If you like a good deal... get in there now and place your order (and get it shipped directly to you!!) While you are there, check out the clearance rack as well (only available on online orders) and get some other GREAT deals!  Remember... those on the East Coast have been up for 3 hours more than us and I'm sure they have all been ordering like crazy!!  once an item is gone, it is GONE! Don't delay!!

Make sure you check back to my online store often - as you can see, many of the items have sold out already (a * indicates this).  The best way for you to get your hands on these retiring items is to place an order through my online store here (click on 'show now') - that way you can check out quickly and grab those items before they are gone FOREVER!

I will be placing orders every time I get to $100 to save on shipping, so if you only want a small item, you can email it to me, but you should know that it might be gone before I get to $100 to order.. (so much better to place an online order so it will ship directly to you - it's all about speed right now - you gotta get in there fast and snap up those bargains!)

Sooo, without further ado, here we go!  Click on the Last Chance image below to see all the lists in action!!


Want to print them out and check it out?  Here are the print outs:

Last Chance Accessories
Last Chance Definitely Decorative
Last Chance Stamps

Note though - the BEST way to see these is going to be on my website (shop now button), because it will be updating constantly, and you can see pics of them at the same time!

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