Thursday, July 20, 2000

Join my team!

Is stamping your passion? Do you eagerly await your next shipment of stamping supplies? Maybe you just want to get your stamping supplies at a great discount, or maybe you want to earn a little cash on the side to finance a fun trip or purchase. Or, maybe you are looking for the satisfaction of building a business of your own, where you make your own hours and enjoy the flexibility of a home based business doing what you love. Whatever your reason, I would love to have you on my team!
First off, let's talk about what being a demonstrator is all about. As you are well aware, paper crafting is a very popular market and there is always a need for more crafty ladies to demonstrate Stampin' Up! products! There are lots of different types of Demonstrators too! While everyone carries the same designation as 'Demonstrator' with Stampin' Up!, there are many different reasons people join and demonstrate the products. You may find you identify with one of these, or all of them, such as:
Hobby Demonstrator: I heard a statistic once that said that the majority of Stampin' Up! Demonstrators are 'hobby demos'. A Hobby Demonstrator is someone who basically purchases the starter kit, and uses the discount for her own purchases and occasionally for family and friends who might ask about it. She is not a demonstrator to earn money for her family, and simply loves the products and wants the discount.

Short-Term Demonstrator: These crafty ladies sign up for the starter kit, and demonstrate for a pre-determined length of time. Their goal is often to earn enough money on the side to finance a major purchase, help her family through a rough financial time, or to fill the gap between employment periods. She may or may not continue as a demonstrator after this time period is through, and she can join for as little as a few months if she chooses.

Casual Business Demonstrator: A Business Demonstrator is someone who demonstrates to make a bit of cash on the side or to earn her stamp sets for free or at a major discount. She might have a club that meets her quarterly minimums, and might do the occasional workshop, but only chooses to devote one or two nights a month to her demonstrating.

Career Demonstrator: This is a Demonstrator who runs several clubs a month, and several events. She has an active downline, and works to help them succeed. Her goal is to earn a significant income from stamping, and while she still may have a 9-5 job outside of stamping, she also does workshops and classes for her customers on a regular basis, as well as attends SU! events. She plans to stay a demonstrator long-term, and wants to move up the career ladder.

As you can guess, there are other goals to being a demonstrator, and you might have some specific ones yourself! There is a place for you, and you will find folks with similar goals as well!
Some facts about joining: There are no order minimums and no 'minimum' order to qualify for the 20% discount. There is no requirement to do workshops and you can be your own hostess. You do not carry inventory so you can quit whenever you want... !
When you sign up with me, you will become a part of my team and also a part of the Sea to Sky Stampers team and the Colourful Impressions team. These are a wacky, fun, and very loving group of ladies who fall into all the above groups themselves. These groups have bi-monthly meetings on alternate months. At these meetings we talk 'shop, chat about our businesses, discuss strategies and of course, STAMP!

To me, one of the greatest things I can do in this business is helping my downline grow their own businesses. To do that, I try to speak with each of my downline at least once a month to help them grow their business, and I also run incentive programs, to help them succeed.

When you join my team, you will find that you are supported in whatever way you need!


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